To Slime or Not to Slime

Should you get a slime kit for your child?

Kids always want to experiment and try out something new. Which is why it makes a lot of sense for them to check out a variety of different toys. But the question is, should you buy a slime kit for your child or is it not the best idea to go on with such a thing? It all comes down to multiple factors, but overall it’s safe to say that buying a slime kit is one of the best investments that you will ever make for your child.

Why is that?

The reason is simple, kids love squishy toys and anything they can remodel to their own choosing. A slime kit is great because it helps improve the gross motor activities. It also encourages your child to boost his fine motor skills naturally. Plus, it bolsters the creativity and it always makes it easy for your child to have fun and just enjoy the experience all the time. It’s different, rewarding and it has the potential to really push things towards a new direction all the time.

Also, the best part of having a slime kit for most kids is that they are able to learn how to make putty and have fun. It’s a process where they have all control and they enjoy just immersing themselves in the entire experience. At the end of the day, kids just want to enjoy their time and experimenting with slime always makes them happy.

Is slime good for your kids or not?

Overall, slime is not dangerous for kids if they just play with it. That’s because they can easily wash it off their hands and move on. The problem comes when kids want to ingest slime. And that’s the main issue most parents need to be aware of. Slime is known for having borax, which is a known cleaning product. It also has a variety of other chemicals that can be unsafe for kids. It’s crucial to stay away from those things as much as possible, as you want your kids to be happy and not have them deal with issues. That's why it's important to buy borax and chemical free slime. Luck for you Zen Laboratory makes just that!

If a child ingests slime, that can lead to irritation, cramps and vomiting. However, if kids just play with slime and wash it off their hands, there’s no danger. That’s the only thing to keep in mind when it comes to playing with fluffy smile. It looks great, but it’s definitely not something one might want to eat.


What can you do in a situation like this? The best thing that you can do is to try and focus on buying a slime kit for your child and encourage him to play with it the right way. As long as your child understands not to eat the slime, they will have a great time! It’s important to have patience with this kind of stuff, otherwise there can always be challenges to deal with. But if you tackle everything correctly and you monitor your child while playing with slime, it will all be fine.

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