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Splash Pad FAQ

How high do the streams of water reach?

How do I repair a leak?

Why is my splash pad leaking where the hose connects to the pad?

What's the best way to drain the water from the splash pad?

What's the best way to store the splash pad?

Slime Kit FAQ

How do I make my slime glow in the dark?

How do I remove slime from fabric?

How do I blow a slime bubble?

How do I mix in slime accessories?

Why isn't my slime stretchy?

Rain or Shine Bundle FAQ

Will the Splash Pad and the Slime Kit ship in separate boxes?

Can I return only one of the two products in the bundle?

Shipping FAQ


How long will it take my package to arrive?

Do you provide a tracking number?

What do I do if I never received my package?

Returns & Exchanges

Am I able to return my purchase for a refund?

I've returned my purchase, but I still don't have my refund. What now?