Fidget Toys vs. Smartphones and Tablets: Fun Ways to Limit Screentime

Today's children face a growing problem: the concept of too much screen time.

The problem is especially prevalent amongst school-aged children and adolescents, who spend most of their free time in front of a screen or on a digital device. This leaves little to no time for physical exercise and proper nutrition, leaving many children overweight and unhealthy.

The science isn't encouraging: Studies show that children under 10 spend roughly 4-6 hours a day looking at screens and adolescents spend 10 hours on devices.

While the problem is widespread, it still has solutions that are simple yet effective. 

One option, in particular, can be found by simply observing children during their free time: riding bicycles, climbing trees, building forts out of couch cushions…and playing with sensory fidget toys.

What are Sensory Fidget Toys?

The latest increasing trend in the world of fun is sensory fidget toys - devices built to stimulate the five senses through sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste through odd shapes, colors, and textures that engage children's curiosity.

Sensory fidget toys are intended for fun, engagement, and long-term use instead of devices that are quick distractions or merely meant for entertainment.

However, the best fidget toys for ADHD aren't used to replace screen time. Instead, they offer a way to offset the effects of overuse and help children transition from screens back to physical play without as much as a slight disturbance.

Why Screens Are Hurting Our Children

The overuse of screens has caused several side effects throughout society - and children are seeing the brunt of that harm.

Children who are exposed to too much screen time may experience several social problems, including:

  • Lack of attention and focus  
  • Sociability issues
  • Anxiety caused by the inability to concentrate
  • Preference for virtual environments over physical interactions.

Children may also face some physical side effects, such as:

  • Lack of sound sleep
  • Poor diet quality
  • Low bone density
  • Sluggish muscle growth.

While many parents may see screentime as a normal part of growing up in the digital age, it is important to take a step back and examine the issue.

While screens may never be fully removed in our digital-first world, children’s time on screens must be limited to offset these devices’ effects on their developing minds and bodies.

Sensory Fidget Toy Benefits: Fun & Engagement

The benefits of fidget toys include stimulation, engagement, and fun. Here are some ways that sensory fidget toys are better than devices:

Focused Play & Attention

Sensory fidget toys allow children to play mindfully. This is essential, as the early years are the time when children develop their focus through play. They also offer a change of environment, which can make all the difference for an engagement level that surpasses screens.

Not Addictive or Distracting

Because they are meant for fun, sensory fidget toys don't have the addictive qualities of some digital devices, such as phones and tablets. This makes sensory fidget toys an excellent choice for parents who want to limit their children's screen time or those who want a way to help children transition from screens back into physical play.  Many fidgets also have puzzles to solve which exercise critical thinking.

The Right Balance of Active and Passive Play

Because they are intended for fun, sensory fidget toys offer children a change of pace that empowers them to balance the active and passive play that is essential for physical and mental health. 

Children can also use their imagination and creativity while using sensory fidget toys, making them an excellent option for individual and group play.

What's more: sensory fidget toys don't rely on electronics and batteries, so they can be used anywhere. Children can use them at home, in school, or even during car rides. 

This means fidget toy sets are a good option for travel and taking with you to appointments and other places where screen time is limited.

When it comes to sensory fidget toys vs. devices, the answer is simple: fidget toys offer a better and more effective way to limit screen time. The benefits of sensory fidget toys speak for themselves, but the best part is that they are fun and engaging while leaving room for physical play - perfect for children who want to get outside and stay active!

Replace Your Screens with Zen Laboratory's Fidget Toys Pack

Now that you know the risks of too much screen time, it's time to replace your devices with today's top fidget toys. Fidget toys come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, and finding a fidget box is one of the best ways to take advantage of all styles without breaking the bank!

The Fidget 50 Pack from Zen Laboratory offers 50 sensory fidget toys in one convenient package, so you can replace the screens in your home with a variety of unique, engaging, and fun sensory fidget toys!

Featuring top toy designs from brands around the world that are made to stimulate children's creativity and imagination, these fidget toys are certain to help you reduce screen time while offering the fun and engagement that children crave. The 50 Piece Fidget Toy Set even includes a variety of colors and textures to appeal to children's tastes!

Each pack comes with today's best fidget toys, such as popit fidgets, fidget spinners, fidget cubes, sensory fidgets, and much more! 

The best part is that the Fidget 50 Pack will keep children entertained for hours on end. Each toy can be used one at a time or combined to create new DIY toys. Perfect for both small hands and large hands alike, these fidgets are easy to carry around, so you can take them with you wherever you go.

The Fidget 50 Pack is a popular choice for parents who are looking to limit their children's screen time without sacrificing fun and engagement. 

We believe that sensory fidget toys are better than devices, so we have designed the most fun and engaging pack possible with today's best sensory fidgets to help parents replace screens with sensory spark.

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