How Sensory Toys Can Benefit Children With Autism

Autism impacts a person's social, mental, and physical health in a variety of ways. With the complexities of this disorder ranging from mild to severe, autism can make it especially difficult for some children to attend school or even handle certain situations that they encounter daily.

It can be difficult for parents of children with autism to determine which toys and activities are best for their child.

However, sensory toys and accessories can benefit children on the autism spectrum as they help provide relief through one of the senses so that another sense is not as severely affected.

This article will break down the benefit that sensory toys can provide to children with autism, the different types of sensory toys available, and how parents can implement them in their child's daily routine.

What Are Sensory Toys?

Sensory toys are objects or materials that help relieve kids who are sensitive to touch, sound, sight, and even certain textures. A sensory toy might include something like a squeezable ball or sandpaper to rub against the skin.

As research in autism spectrum disorders (ASD) increases, it is becoming clear that children with autism are more likely to be sensitive to their environments. Fortunately, sensory toys can help by providing stimulation through one of the senses so that another sense is less affected.

Why Sensory Toys Are Important For Autistic Children.

Sensory toys can be a great way to provide relief for kids sensitive to touch, sound, sight, and even certain textures. Children diagnosed with autism experience sensory processing disorder - which can impact their ability to impact with everyday objects effectively.

These kids often also have extreme sensitivities to certain textures in clothing, foods, and other items. A study published in the journal Pediatrics found that 80% of children with ASD had at least one sensory symptom.

Children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) need to receive intervention early when these symptoms are first recognized. This is because the earlier intervention begins, the more effective it can be in helping these kids overcome their challenges.

The recommended time for sensory therapy is 30-45 minutes per day, five days per week. Ask your doctor or occupational therapist about a treatment plan that is right for you and your child.

Why Fidget Toys, Infinity Cubes, and More are Great for All Ages

Fidget toys are great for all kids, not just those on the autism spectrum. These sensory toys work by giving the brain something to focus on and occupy their attention.

Kids who use fidget toys show improvement in self-regulation (i.e., staying calm and paying attention) and increased attention spans during activities such as homework.

Fidget toys like infinity cubes and spinners have taken the market by storm in recent years. These sensory toys can be an excellent option for children of all ages, regardless of whether they have ASD or not.

In addition to their benefits for children with ASD, sensory toys such as chewable jewelry and other items that can fit into a child's mouth or hand may be helpful for kids that chew on shirts or pencils.

When using sensory toys, essential it is vital to remember that every child has different needs. Seek advice from your doctor, occupational therapist, and other professionals before deciding to introduce a sensory toy into your child's life.

What Should You Look For in a Fidget Toy Pack?

When buying a sensory toy, look for items that are brightly colored and made from soft materials.

Parents may also want to consider purchasing toys that make noise or have textures to keep their kids interested. Items such as squeezable balls, stuffed animals, and textured blocks can all make great sensory toys.

It is best to start with small items that the child will enjoy before purchasing larger options like balance beams or trampolines. When using sensory toys, it is essential to remember that every child has different needs.

Not only should you ask the opinion of your doctor or occupational therapist when determining which sensory toys are right for you and your child, but it is a good idea to check with the parents of other children on the spectrum to find out what has worked well for them.fidget toys and pop can help treat autism, anxiety

The Top Fidget Toys Pack for Children With Autism & Sensory Disorders

Here are just a few fidget toys pack and other sensory toys that are great for children of all ages on the autism spectrum. Keep in mind that every child has different needs, so choosing an item or two that they enjoy is vital.

Pop It Toys

These toys are great for children that like to squeeze and squish things. They can grab hold of one of the Pop It Toys' soft, stretchy silicone body parts and experience a calming sensation as they work their hands around it. Pop It toys are great for kids of all ages.

Fidget Spinners

A trendy sensory toy in recent years, fidget spinners are great for children that like to move. Fidget Spinners are toys that children can spin between their fingers, which gives them something to focus on and occupy their attention. Because fidget spinners are colorful, they can also help children who have difficulty paying better attention during activities such as school or homework.

Infinity Cubes

Infinity cubes are interesting to look at and play with, but they may also increase a child's focus during activities such as homework and dinner. This sensory toy is made of durable materials and offers a variety of sensory activities (e.g., rolling, twisting, etc.) that kids will love. With so many different options, it is easy to find the perfect sensory option for your child.

Simple Dimple

Another toy that has shown success with children on the spectrum is known as the simple dimple. This type of sensory toy is excellent for anyone that likes to push buttons. With just one press, this sensory toy will make a fun popping sound, which may help kids stay focused during tasks such as homework or school assignments. It is simple enough for kids to master and will grab their attention.

DNA Stress Ball

A DNA stress ball might be the perfect sensory toy for kids who like to squeeze and squish things. These stress balls - designed to look like the iconic double helix strands - come in various colors. Like other squeezable toys, these sensory items are great for children that release energy through tactile behaviors.

Try Them All with the Fidget 50 Pack from Zen Laboratory

When it comes to sensory toys for children with autism, the key is patience and perspective.

While sensory toys are fantastic for helping children that have Autism Spectrum Disorder cope with stress or anxiety, it is essential to take the time to find the right item, so your child derives the most benefit. After all, sensory toys can be a great way to provide relief for kids sensitive to sound, touch, sight, and even certain textures.

The Fidget 50 Pack from Zen Laboratory is an excellent way to give your child the opportunity to experience all sorts of different sensory toys. These items are squeezable, stretchy, and make sounds, so this pack offers many various features that kids will enjoy.

With 50 different toys - including fidget spinners, DNA stress balls, infinity cubes, and more - your child can experience a variety of sensations to help calm them down during the day.

Check out the entire pack online today, and see which sensory toys and accessories stand out to your child. In time, you may find that your child is less stressed or agitated during school or at home, and you'll have sensory toys to thank for it. See all that comes with the pack online today, and learn more about what makes these toys so great.

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