How does playing outside effect brain development?

Playing outdoors and it's positive effects on a child's development

Learning what makes a child happy is always important as a parent. Outdoor play in early childhood for example can be an incredible thing, since it helps your child explore the world and try out new things. It also brings in plenty of fun, and you can spend more time with your kid this way too. But what type of effect does this have when it comes to your child’s development?

It helps your child be happy and healthy

One of the top advantages of kids playing outside is that exposing them to the outdoor world helps them boost their immune system. On top of that, they can also perform physical activities like lifting, catching, pulling items and carrying them. As a result, this improves their motor skills naturally. To make things even better, your child will also play in the sun and that builds up vitamin D too. So yes, it’s a great approach and one that will work more than you imagine.

Boosting the sensory skills

When you study the importance of outdoor play for infants, you will notice that kids who play outside often tend to have better distance vision when compared to those that play indoors. The reason is simple, kids learn new things via their senses. You want to expose your child to as many different situations as possible. Training their senses is helpful and it can bring in a huge experience in the end.

Brain health improvements

Not a lot of people know this, but outdoor play and brain development are linked as well. Playing outside and the outdoor light in particular will boost the pineal gland. What that does is it makes it easier for your immune system to be strong and make you feel happy. Even spending time in nature can help with something like that. From there to making your kids happy and boosting brain development it will be one single step.

Learning new concepts and words

The way you learn new things sometimes is by being exposed to them. And that’s what playing outdoors does, it allows kids to see and learn about various items. They also get the unique opportunity to understand concepts, which is always an exciting idea to pursue. Aside from that, kids will widen their own sensory experiences and understand how many different things work.

Improving social skills

One of the benefits of playing outside is that your child can connect with other kids and cooperate with them. This helps improve his social skills, while also becoming more socially expressive. You don’t want a child that stays indoors and talks with others via computers. Playing outside helps a lot when it comes to making new friends, so it should be a priority for every parent.

As you can see, the benefits of playing outside are nothing short of amazing. All you have to do is to create some great outdoor activities for you and your child. If you’re looking how to raise happy kids, you always want to integrate a variety of outdoor activities and spend as much time with them. Not only will it make them healthy and boost their mental and physical health, but playing with their parents also makes them happy!

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